Development of digital skills

Proper digital competences are essential to use digital services that are currently available through modern broadband networks.

As a result of digital trainings user awareness is significantly increased and the improvement of the knowledge base contributes to the improvement of the users’ quality of life.

Telekom Smart Digital program

Telekom’s Smart Digital Program wishes to develop Hungary's digital maturity and literacy. The company's volunteers give 45 minute coaching lessons in primary and secondary schools on the safe and conscious use of the internet. In the past four years more than 62 thousand students took part in the program.

Become an IT expert! – career guidance program

The lack of IT experts is a growing problem in Europe and there are several hundreds of thousand vacant IT positions while in Hungary more than ten thousand IT experts are missing from the labor market. Unfortunately, only few young people look at IT as an attractive and inviting career opportunity. Magyar Telekom’s and T-Systems Hungary’s Become an IT expert! program wishes to turnaround this trend and within the frame of the initiative IT experts working at the company may voluntarily meet young people and show them the advantages of an IT career.

The 45 minute long coaching lessons are given at schools to pupils. The most important objective of the Become an IT expert! Program is to bring down stereotypes and obstacles and to make parents and children more open to the IT profession. Several thousands of children have participated in the program and the presentations are still ongoing.

Digital Bridge

As a responsible company Magyar Telekom strives to close the digital divide and spread the advantages offered by information and communication technologies. The purpose of Magyar Telekom's Digital Bridge Program is to increase awareness on the achievements and the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies in regions where the digital rift is present and over time may deepen into a divide. The main focus points of the program are small settlements where the improvement of information and communication skills may enhance local and regional development. The objective is to familiarize residents of rural settlements and settlements with only few residents with the internet and the opportunities offered by info-communication services to help people's everyday lives. Those who are interested in the program are helped and assisted by Magyar Telekom’s volunteers with customized coaching and advice at the respective locations.