Partnership for Digital Hungary

Digital Hungary is a vision - where based on digital competences private persons, companies and the state alike use state-of-the-art digital services through world-class digital infrastructure.

In order to fulfill this objective we must foster cooperation among all stakeholders - i.e. the state, telecommunication and info-communication market players as well as municipalities, companies and NGOs. The Partnership Cooperation Agreement concluded in February 2014 by and between Magyar Telekom and the Government of Hungary also upholds and reflects these objectives.

In accordance with the document Telekom’s investments are intended to make high-speed broadband internet available for Hungarian consumers as soon as possible. The intensive use of new technologies and info-communication solutions greatly contribute to the improvement of the Hungarian people's quality of life, effectiveness of their businesses and the international competitiveness of the Hungarian economy. Another objective of the company is to spread digital literacy and knowledge on the safe use of the internet throughout the entire country.

Developments on the basis of the pillars of Digital Hungary:

  • digital infrastructure
  • digital services
  • digital skills

When signing the agreement, Christopher Mattheisen, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Executive Officer pointed out: “Telekom is Hungary’s strategic partner with a long-term commitment. Our company is creating special value in both the private and the public sectors with its state-of-the-art solutions that make everyday life simpler and easier. We are active in the areas of healthcare, public administration, education and transportation, and we also work successfully with Hungary’s small and medium-sized businesses as well as major manufacturers and exporters. We are proud that Magyar Telekom has been the first to bring the most advanced telecommunications products and ICT innovations to Hungary. As Hungary’s first and only integrated operator we offer internet, TV and phone connection, regardless of time and place, for millions of consumers. Besides being pioneering innovators we are also a major employer in Hungary.”

Digital Hungary is an objective that makes all stakeholders winners:

  • Improving quality of life
  • Better opportunities in the labor market
  • Mitigated social inequalities
  • More efficient state and public administration
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Improved export potential