Premium rate

General information

To ensure accessibility of their information and/or entertainment services via telephone (voice call or SMS), users of premium rate numbers (content providers) can order premium rate numbers from Magyar Telekom, by using so called premium rate services. Magyar Telekom, in accordance with legal requirements, concludes a contract with the user of the number, and ensures that the (content) service of the user of the number is accessible from the Magyar Telekom telephone network (fixed and mobile). A benefit for the users of these numbers is that Magyar Telekom transfers a certain share of the revenues from fees paid by fixed and mobile subscribers.

Premium rate services

The information and/or entertainment services set up by the users of the numbers, can be associated with the following premium rate services:

  • send premium rate SMS service (MO – mobile originated)
  • receive premium rate SMS service (MT – mobile terminated)
  • premium rate voice call service (event charge audiofix and minute charge audiotex)

Typical areas of application for premium rate services

  • Premium rate voice call service:
    • voting
    • dating services
    • consultation (e.g. IT, healthcare)
    • adult/erotic services
    • esoteric (astrology, fortune teller)
  • Premium rate SMS service:
    • voting
    • horoscope
    • news SMS
    • club membership fee payment
    • esoteric (astrology, fortune teller)
    • access to online content (games, videos)
    • chat services

None of these can be used to collect donations.

Limitations for using the service

As a number user, only non-natural persons (individual businesses and/or corporate customers) can conclude a contract for premium rate services, natural persons cannot use these services.

If you are interested

By clicking here and providing your contact details, you can get detailed information on the conditions and process of concluding a contract. You can also indicate your intention to conclude a contract by sending an email to the address, specifying the following data:

  • name
  • e-mail address
  • telephone number
  • description of the planned content service