Magyar Telekom Group as the leader info-communication service provider of the region – in harmony with its Mission – is committed to the idea of sustainable development and within it to the environmental issues. The company group, realising its role and possibilities in the information society, performing the activities in a regulated and controlled way, fulfilling the EU requirements and complying with the international standards contributes to the decrease of negative environmental impacts in Hungary.

The Magyar Telekom Group's environmental commitment and taken responsibilities are published in the Magyar Telekom Group Environmental Policy, which includes obligation for the group-members individually and for the Group all together.

We will be pleased to receive your questions and remarks, or suggestions regarding the topic at: sustainability@telekom.hu.


Climate Protection

The world is confronted with serious environmental problems and one of the most urgent challenges is climate change.


Equipment Management

Whenever possible, Magyar Telekom endeavors to develop and use hand tools as well as to recycle the outdated ones so that their full life-cycle imposes the lowest possible burden on the Earth.



Magyar Telekom Group monitors regularly the following clearly defined environmental indicators that can be influenced by the Group’s activity and are measurable


Management Systems

Our corporation has recognized that environmental, societal and economic interests need to be aligned for a more humane and sustainable life.

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