Equipment management

Whenever possible, Magyar Telekom endeavors to develop and use hand tools as well as to recycle the outdated ones so that their full life-cycle imposes the lowest possible burden on the Earth.  

In cooperation with equipment manufacturers Magyar Telekom is committed to environmentally-oriented equipment manufacturing. An increasing amount of parts built in the equipment can be removed simply and recycled at the end of a product’s life cycle. Manufacturers develop handsets so that they use as little energy as possible during operation and rely to an increasing extent on recycled material.  

Used and outdated handsets are collected at Magyar Telekom’s T-Points, and their price is offset in the equipment replacement campaigns. Equipment thus collected is professionally dismounted and most of the material and spare parts are recycled.  

Magyar Telekom has been overachieving year to year the collection rate prescribed by Government Decree No. 264/2004. (IX. 23.) on re-taking waste of electrical and electronic equipment.