Management Systems

Environmentally Focused Governance System (MSZ EN ISO 14001)

„We always place our hope in the future, while the future would probably expect us to do things.”

Ernst R. Hauschka

Our corporation has recognized that environmental, societal and economic interests need to be aligned for a more humane and sustainable life. A more viable world, the key elements of which are protection of resources, avoidance of pollution, climate protection, can be easier to achieve through the operation of an environmentally focused management system, the core principles of which are:

  • compliance with standards,
  • prevention,
  • continuous development.

Areas of the group with significant environmental effects are covered by the environment-oriented management system ISO 14001.  

The management of our corporation is committed through our Group Level Environmental Protection Policy to the protection of nature and the environment, as well as the improvement of the state of the environment. Our company has decided to conduct its activities in compliance with the policy guidelines and to expect the same from every employee so that sustainable development can be achieved in all the company’s activity areas.