BlackBerry Enterprise

BlackBerry – Office in Your Pocket

BlackBerry provides a single access to all the communication channels that are indispensable for business life. Through the built-in telephone, SMS and browsing applications coupled with an organizing function the equipment makes all data easy to manage, and cooperation and communication become more efficient. BlackBerry is a service offered by T-Mobile.

BlackBerry is a wireless communication solution providing access to a broad range of applications from many parts of the world through an extremely broad range of wireless equipment. Using your BlackBerry equipment you can contact your office from anywhere: you can make a phone call, send emails, browse the Internet or access your company email system online, any time.

Due to the push technology your e-mails and other data are automatically transferred to your BlackBerry equipment, keeping you informed about everything even when you are away from your office.

BlackBerry is an ideal service for our partners for whom it is vital to continuously access business data, even when they are away from their office.

Sustainability benefits

  • It promotes the provision of free access to information.
  • It facilitates individual and personal choices (e.g. a free choice of one’s place of stay, etc.)
  • It generates patterns of consumption and production that help to reduce stress on the environment.
  • Reduces customer costs and protects from additional expenses.
  • Helps in dematerializing products and services.
  • Helps reduce traffic.
  • Reduces traffic-related fuel consumption and emissions (including noise).
  • Indirectly contributes to climate protection.