Invoice insurance

Magyar Telekom considers its customers’ security important, thus established the Security Program encompassing several insurance services available to its subscribers.A new element of the Security Program established by Magyar Telekom is Invoice Insurance, which is based on the principle that the Insured, who is to have a subscription for Magyar Telekom’s fixed-line or mobile phone service in effect and meet contractual conditions, does not have to give up the services provided by Magyar Telekom even if he/she loses his/her job (for more than 60 days for reasons not imputable to him/her) or becomes incapacitated to earn an income (for more than 60 days due to an accident or sickness), as the Insurer pays a flat amount out of his/her invoices covered by the policy for a set period of time.The insurance service is provided by Magyar Telekom’s contractual partner, UNION Insurance Company. Upon any incidents resulting in damage claims, the Insured is put in direct contact with the Insurer.The Insurer performs its service by transferring the amount of insurance payable for the given month to Telekom, who in turn credits the amount to the T-Home or T-Mobile account(s) defined by the Insured, thus decreasing or settling the outstanding liability of the Insured or his/her close relative living in the same household.

Sustainability benefits

  • It facilitates the provision or improvement of free access to information.
  • It promotes a wider range of educational opportunities for individuals and/or communities.
  • It promotes and protects equal opportunities for everyone (men and women, young and elderly, single parents, etc.), as well as every layer of society (minorities, foreign citizens, etc.).
  • It is aimed at fulfilling customers’ needs, and decreases costs for the customer.