VitaDock products- innovative iPhone health accessories

Medisana VitaDock® accessories have been designed for health-conscious people who want to monitor their vital functions regularly without having to see their doctors all the time.Managing your health with Medisana VitaDock ® products is more than using simple measuring devices. Your iPhone, iPod or iPad can store the values measured, so that you can review them any time. You can also view the values as graphs, or forward them by email (for example to your physician). Historic lists can also be compiled and viewed.The statistics functions may especially be useful for those looking to lose weight, when the analysis of physiological value trends can be of importance.


The measurements made by Medisana VitaDock ® health accessories can be viewed and stored by the VitaDock application, which you can download free of charge from AppStore. The application enables users to set their target values for the different accessories, for example TargetScale is the weight you aim to achieve, and CardioDock is the blood pressure value you want to maintain. In addition to viewing and storing data, the application is also capable to create statistics or even generate reports, which you can send to those whom it may concern (like your doctor).
To make full benefit of the features, you need to register and use VitaDock accessories, which are compatible with the application.


ThermoDock ® - infrared thermometer
ThermoDock ® allows you to measure body temperature of multiple users simply and comfortably by means of its easy-to-use menu. Thanks to the contact-free infrared technology the measurement is hygienic. In addition to body temperature, you can also measure the temperature of surfaces or liquids, like tea or breast milk.

TargetScale ® - body weight analysis scale
Using TargetScale ® you can get a precise reading of your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat and water ratio, bone mass and muscle mass. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch links with the device through bluetooth. The VitaDock® App, which is available from AppStore free of charge, can store your readings, as well as monitor and analyze their trend in time. As many as four users can set their own target weights, as the scale automatically identifies them and forwards the readings to the active-matrix screen. Light circles indicate your distance to your target weight. The device is also capable to measure how much weight you put on each of your legs.

CardioDock ® - blood pressure and pulse monitor
Measure your blood pressure on your upper arm and forward the data to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then store them and view their trend in time graphically. The easy-to-you menu makes it simple and comfortable.

Sustainability benefits

  • Promotes the improvement of individuals’ and/or communities’ living conditions, protects individuals’ health and well-being.
  • Decreases customers’ costs, prevents the incurrence of additional costs.
  • Establishes consumption and production patterns that help to decrease the environmental footprint, while providing for basic human needs.
  • Helps to reduce traffic, as well as traffic-related fuel consumption and emissions, thus indirectly contributing to climate protection.