Magyar Telekom Contributes Program

Corporate social responsibility and charity are part of our corporate culture. In view of our key role in the economy we have responsibility not only for our customers but for the whole society. For this reason we are making efforts to find ways of showing our human side through donations, provision of charity services or physical work of our employees to contribute to ensuring that Hungarian people can live better and more pleasantly, and this is naturally not without interest: it is in the interest of us all.


Direct donations to non-profit organizations

Key areas supported

Application conditions


Charity Services

Reduced-price telephone services

Civil Tariff Package for non-profit organizations

Support to telephone crisis line services

Service for the hearing impaired


Charity Numbers

Free services for collection of donations

Telekom Donation Line

Telekom Charity Number

Telekom Helpline


Donations of our employees

Individual donations by employees, voluntary work

Individual Donations with Corporate Contribution Program

Together for the needy