Charity Numbers

Telekom Donation Line (13688)

Telekom Donation Line offers simply and transparently structured help to the needy. Anyone calling the number 13688 can donate HUF 100 for the advertised donation target, in each case helping the work of a public benefit organization that is making efforts to solve social problems.

The company provides this service free of charge, transfers the full amount donated, so the company does not generate any revenue and even pays the costs and offers substantial help to the organizations for the communication campaign in the collection period (e.g. production of TCR film, organization of television and other press presence). Up to April 30, 2008 donations of more than HUF 237 million were collected for 34 non-profit organizations with the help of the Donation Line. With her personality, heart and thoughts, Klári Katona, the face and spokeswoman of the Magyar Telekom Donation Line helps the foundations collect as much money as possible for their work. On March 15, 2005 Klári Katona received a ministerial reward for her work: the Pro Caritate Award.

Telekom Donation Line: invitation for applications

Applications submitted must include the completed Application Form available in the application package and have attached the annexes listed.
Deadline for submitting 2009 Telekom Donation Line applications: October 31.
Decision on the applications received will be made in mid-November by the Board of Trustees of the Magyar Telekom Contributes program.

This number can be called only from Magyar Telekom and T-Mobile networks, the call is free of VAT, except calls made with Domino prepaid cards.

Telekom Charity Number (1771)

This number – that functions similarly to the Telekom Donation Line – is offered for charity causes in exceptional cases when prompt social cooperation is needed for solution of a problem. In 2003 donations of HUF 24 million were collected in 4 days for the Debrecen Children’s Clinic with the involvement of RTL Klub Television. In May 2004 donations of HUF 76 million were received in 8 days on the telephone number 1771 for the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital with calls worth HUF 200 each. At Christmas 2005 Viasat3 viewers could give votes through the charity number 1771 to support the work of four foundations at a “real” reality show at the initiative and with the financing of Magyar Telekom. The price of calls was added to the main prize offered by Magyar Telekom to generate more than HUF 16 million for distribution among the organizations.  

Since 2006 the charity number 1771 serves the program “The Cause” shown on TV2.

”The Cause”, Magyar Telekom’s charity program on TV2

This program opens a window to reality, presents the real problems of real people in a real environment. It is a real reality show where viewers vote on real cases rather than on artificial stars. The prize is a donation offered by Magyar Telekom that is finally distributed among all participants. The Cause presents in the form of a documentary reality show social problems and the work of non-governmental organizations making efforts to solve them while viewers can decide through phone votes which of the cases presented should receive Magyar Telekom’s HUF 5 million donation. One series presents four cases, four organizations, and each wins: the company gives a HUF 1 million donation to the participants which do not receive the most votes, additionally the price of telephone voting calls* is received by the organization for which the viewers voted – so each organization receives donations also from the viewers voting for them. * Calls made from Magyar Telekom (T-Home, T-Mobile) network (vote = donation) costs HUF 200, calls made from a Domino prepaid card include 20% VAT.
These documentaries are available in the TV2 video archive.

May 6, TV2: The Case continues

At 23:35 on May 6, in the first part viewers can follow the story of the “Apple of my Eye – Fund for Sick Children”. The purpose of the fund based in Pécs is to establish the first Hungarian hospice house for children, the Dóri House.
The opening of Dóri House will be a pioneering effort, filling an existing gap. The Children’s Hospice service represents the empathy and compassion of the society and solidarity of the community by lifting the taboo on child death and bringing society to accept the fact, or at least ease the social exclusion of children suffering from terminal disease and their families.  

On May 13 viewers can learn about the work of the Empathy Fund. 
The Fund contributes to the operation of an educational institution in Somogyvár focusing on the training habilitation and rehabilitation of children and young people with special needs (disabled and mentally handicapped children). Some of the children are raised under state care while the others attend the day school. In most of the cases they come from seriously underprivileged families. The purpose of the institution is to assist children to become independent members of the society who are economically active and able to provide a quality life for themselves. The students of this institution need equal opportunities, support and assistance in tackling their disadvantages by means of training, education and employment. Their emotional education and development of their social skills are crucial as well. Horse-riding is a tool used by the institution for their complex development (physical, psychological, social impacts, enhanced training and education) in an environment where the horse is not just a tool but an active helpmate.
The goal of the fund is to build a covered riding school to ensure continuous development for children throughout the school year, even in the winter months.   

On May 20 the Meaningful Life Fund is introducing itself. It operates a residential institution for underprivileged (mentally handicapped or blind) young people. It plays a role in providing equal social opportunities through health promotion and prevention programs, improvement of their social welfare position and by raising the quality of life for their families. 
In The Case program the fund is seeking assistance for the renovation of the building.   

On May 27 the child heart transplantation program of the György Gottsegen Fund will be introduced. The child heart transplantation program was launched in 2007 in the Children’s Cardiac Centre of the György Gottsegen National Cardiology Institute in the frame of which a successful heart transplantation was made on a baby in 2008. An increasing lack of donors experienced worldwide – in particular among children – caused a number of problems in launching the program. In certain cases they have to choose implantation of an “artificial heart” which can provide full and long term support to the circulatory system. Because rejection is a serious risk of heart transplantation an anti-rejection therapy has to be launched under permanent rejection control. This requires taking samples from the heart muscle tissue, a procedure rarely applied on children.
In recent years a diagnostic procedure has been developed which allows a more thorough examination of the heart muscle for an early detection of rejection. A suitable instrument for this is crucial for the child heart transplantation program as it makes possible the routine detecting of rejection at an early stage of post-transplantation without moving the patient.

The Cause - 2006
The Cause - 2007
The Cause- 2008

Telekom Aid Line (1749)

AThe telephone number 1749 is a donation line to help the victims of extraordinary cases, natural disasters that can be called in such situations not only from Magyar Telekom network.
With this line in 2001 donations of HUF 4.8 million were given to the Maltese Charity Service, in 2002 more than HUF 13 million was collected to support the flood victims and given to the Hungarian Red Cross. In January 2005 the company contributed to helping the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia. From 00.00 January 5 to 24.00 January 31 the Hungarian public donated almost HUF 60 million on the aid line to the needy. The donation was sent to the place of the tragedy by the Hungarian Red Cross in the form of emergency aid.

In September 2005 we contributed to flood damage relief in Székelyföld; our customers offered more than HUF 5 million in donations on the telephone number 1749 that was transferred to the needy by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Organization.

In the spring of 2006 Magyar Telekom’s customers donated almost HUF 4 million – in cooperation with the other Hungarian telephone service providers – to the victims of flood and inland water in Hungary. Donations were brought to the needy by the Hungarian Red Cross, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Organization and the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service.