Charity Services

Civil Tariff Package

With the Civil Tariff Package domestic fixed telecommunications services are offered with an average price reduction of 30% to foundations and associations of public benefit. These organizations can spend the money saved thanks to this package on causes really serving the interests of the needy. This service is offered over a period of one year to 100 organizations subject to application. A precondition for application is that the organization can prove the degree of public benefit of its operations, the telephone line assigned to this tariff package is operating on the name of the organization and the organization has no service charge debt to Magyar Telekom. Civil Tariff Package applications should include the following details:

  • name, activity, purpose(s), annual target of the organization,
  • copy of Deed of Foundation or note on court registration certified by a public notary
  • certificate of public benefits operations.

Please indicate the main line (telephone number) where you want to use the Civil Tariff Package. Applications must be sent to the following mail address by the deadline announced: Magyar Telekom Contributes, Board of Trustees, 1541 Budapest

The Civil Tariff Package is granted to winning applicants for a period of one year. The current invitation for applications is available on this site from November. Applicants will be notified of the decision on their applications by February 28 of the following year.

Civil Tariff Package: no monthly fee, 500 minutes free traffic, no switching fee.Traffic over 500 minutes is charged with an average of 30% discount on the basic package (Bázis).

Telephone crisis line services

Each year we contribute several tens of millions of forints to the operation of telephone crisis line services to ensure that calls made to the service are free to the calling party in need and to the organization. The Board of Trustees decides on the amount of support on the basis of green number traffic generated in the previous year.

Jelmondó (Sign Speaking)

As a telecommunications service provider we feel responsible for people having problems with interpersonal communication due to a physical handicap, i.e. we help people with speech and hearing impairment to be able to fully participate in communication processes. The service developed for them is T-Com Jelmondó.

Functioning of the service

The service requires a special speech device or a computer with a modem. The device needs to be connected to the telephone line in both cases. The device is used to contact our staff person who then calls the target person by phone. In this double connection the written message of the calling party is verbally communicated by our staff to the called party, while the verbal communication is forwarded in a written form to the calling party to ensure continuous communication. The calling party needs to be a T-Com subscriber, the called party can be a subscriber to any fixed or mobile service provider in Hungary (except special 3-digit and 06 40, 06 51, 06 80, 06 90 telephone numbers). If you want to initiate a conversation from your speech device or modem, call T-Com’s green number 06 80 303 202. People without hearing or speech impairment who want to call a person with hearing or speech impairment can call the telephone number 06 80 300 200. In both cases our staff will answer the call.


To support the service users the company does not charge operator assistance fee. The call charge includes, as with normal telephone calls, fee dependent on the geographic zone and time of day and a switching fee. The call charging starts when the called party answers the call and is charged to the calling party’s telephone bill. Call metering starts when both (calling and called) parties are on the line and the operator clearly communicates that call metering starts. The service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The device is available for free testing in our shop at Budapest, V. kerület Petőfi S. utca 17. If you are interested in this service call 06 80 200 198.