How, how much, to whom

The Magyar Telekom Group’s donation strategy focuses primarily on solution of the most serious social and health problems. We give high priority to supporting programs targeting the health and social situation of children and fields identified by Hungarian statistics as major causes of early death: screening and treatment of people with cancer, ensuring the conditions for treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Other key donation areas are support to telephone aid lines, helping communities with a disadvantage in communication to catch up in order to create the conditions of sustainable development – i.e. optimal environmental conditions in the long term – reducing the digital gap, and environment protection.

Magyar Telekom distributes annually more than HUF 100 million cash donations for the above causes with the involvement of various foundations and associations. The Board of Trustees of the “Magyar Telekom contributes” program is responsible for distribution of the available funding. Decisions are regularly published in the Newsletter of the program. In 2007 the company donated almost HUF 116 million under the Magyar Telekom Contributes program, the major share, almost HUF 83 million, in the form of cash donations.

Application conditions

Applications for cash donations can be submitted at any time. An organization can have a good chance to obtain funds when its scope of activities matches our donation strategy, it identifies the specific program that it wants to implement (or an indispensable device that it wants to buy), it already has at least 30 percent of the necessary budget and does not have a service charge debt to Magyar Telekom. The applicant must show its details on the Form and sign the Form to make a declaration on the commitments made in it. Please provide the following details in the program description:

  • project objectives, benefit to the community
  • geographical location and scope (national, regional, local) of the project
  • project financial details – available fund, amount missing, etc.

The Board of Trustees of the Magyar Telekom Contributes program discusses the applications received four times a year (February, May, September, November).

“Telephone for the Needy” Foundation of Major Public Benefit

The foundation was established in 1990 with the objective of helping people with restricted mobility, the blind, sight-impaired and the needy for health or social reasons have access to telecommunications services. (Board of Trustees of the “Telephone for the Needy” Foundation of Major Public Benefit, 1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 55., Phone: 458-0459)