Donations of our employees

KEA, i.e. Individual Donation with Added Funds

The KEA program means that the company adds a specified amount to the individual donations of employees feeling responsibility for the society. It enables employees sensitive to social problems to make a responsible decision on corporate donation. (The added amount is double the donation up to HUF 25,000, equal to the donation between HUF 25,000 and HUF 100,000, and above HUF 100,000 the company adds HUF 100,000.) The last three years proved that this system successfully gave impetus to private people for charity: up to December 31, 2004 donations of almost HUF 23 million were received by various non-profit organizations thanks to our employees. We are proud of ourselves.

Collection of second-hand clothes

Second-hand clothes (and toys) are collected among Magyar Telekom employees every second year. The employees are given an opportunity to bring in clothes that they no longer need but can still be used by the needy. The collected things are given to the Hungarian Red Cross. In 2000 and 2002 we collected 350 sacks of donations that included in addition to clothes also toys for children living in difficult circumstances.

Voluntary work

On numerous occasions it was found that the “voluntary work”, that was more or less compulsory in the past era, can generate community building values and feelings that we enjoy, and the target achieved with joint manual work is much more appreciated and is sometimes worth more than money. Between 1999 and 2001 we built 18 playgrounds in various towns in Hungary. We dug the foundations of the playgrounds. In 2005 we built hiking points and birdwatching towers under the “Care for the bird” program in three national parks with the involvement of our employees. In 2007 the Board of Trustees of the Magyar Telekom Contributes program approved a donation of HUF 4 million for reconstruction of the training house of Ócsa Birdwatching Association that had burnt down. It should be noted that Magyar Telekom’s employees also contributed to the reconstruction with manual work.