Digital Bridge at Small Settlements

digitalis_hid_logo_180x55By digital gap we mean those information disparities that have developed in our modern society between groups having different access to IT facilities (owing to geographical location, social or other aspects).

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, Magyar Telekom makes an effort to overcome with the negative consequences of the spread of information and communication technologies and to enhance the positive impacts. Access to information and communication technology is essential for economic development these days. The key to social life, the transformation of communication has made it essential to explore new technologies and opportunities. Therefore, by better opportunities of communication we enable association of individuals, more cohesion in society.

Our initiative is designed to present the accomplishments of information and communication technologies in those areas where the digital gap is present and may widen to a dangerous extent with course of time. Our first target groups are the small settlements, where catching up with information and communication may support local and regional development.

Our objective by the events is to provide efficient, individualized knowledge, to provide customized help.

To support communication in society, by which we can make the lives of individuals, families, communities and organizations easier, we can make the future more accessible and humane.

The aim of the Digital Bridge in Small Settlements program launched back in 2004 is to teach inhabitants of small, disadvantaged settlements with few inhabitants how and what the internet can be used for, how it can turn their life easier. Those interested in the program are helped by Magyar Telekom’s volunteers by consulting tailored to their individual needs.

Digital Bridge Fest

A new program element has been added to the DigitalBridge at Small Settlements Program. The series started in 2009 under the title of Digital Bridge Fest. As part of the Fest, Magyar Telekom’s volunteers teach the residents of the small settlements, in the framework of a wide range of accompanying programs, how to use the internet, thus striving to close the digital divide. As a new program element, Péter Novák and Kultúrpart invites locals to compete at the talent contest, the winners of which are offered the opportunity to make their performance accessible through the internet. The videos and photos taken at the Fest are available at the event’s sub-site.